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A BOLO for five call types officers may respond to during the current national emergency
Sources familiar with the investigation said a burglary crew broke through the roof of the facility to gain access to the vault, but it is unclear how they avoided the alarm system.
“They tend to not carry guns. They don’t want to get gun charges. They sometimes carry jamming devices to disable home security systems.”
The investigation resulted in the indictments of 20 people in an L.A. County-based crime ring allegedly responsible for over 30 residential burglaries, with more than $500,000 in losses
The rear tires of the stolen cruiser were deflated by spike strips; dash cam video shows officers performing a pit maneuver to stop the stolen cruiser
“It didn’t go well,” Chief Joshua Clayton said; the man triggered an alarm with his cries of pain after dangling upside down
After the suspect allegedly stabbed K-9 Ringo three times, the suspect was shot at least once by an officer but still refused to surrender
California’s Regional Auto Theft Task Force has recovered more than $3.3 million in stolen vehicles and dismantled auto theft crime rings throughout San Diego
Suspect who injured the Fresno officer had been arrested at least five times in the last two weeks, and was out on bail
Police were investigating a burglary when the man opened fire on them from inside his vehicle
The suspect stole a vehicle from a detective he shot and fled with a rifle, setting off a manhunt and shelter in place order
Chief: “They immediately switched gears ... they went from trying to find this guy to trying to save his life. They didn’t care that he was a felon. He was just a human being”
When deputies arrived, they identified the male as a suspect in a burglary at a Dollar General store where several items were stolen earlier in the day
After side-swiping several cars, the BMW began losing portions of the car’s body, with the rear bumper being the first to dislodge from the vehicle
Up to six robbers, wielding sledgehammers, shattered display cases, stole gems, designer watches and necklaces earlier this year
After stealing $6K worth of merchandise, two suspects were apprehended after a witness reported three men dumping fragrances into a dumpster
Officers investigating a burglary found an underground room shored up with wood panels
It never happens like in the movies
The video has been viewed more than 7,000 times and it prompted several theories — alongside a couple of requests for service
“If somebody is breaking into your house, you’re more than welcome to shoot at them,” Sheriff Bob Johnson said
The suspect appeared to be under the influence of drugs, police said
The suspect was found rummaging through a deputy inspector’s file cabinet
A man is accused of contributing to a loss of $175,000 from upscale retailers last year
After bumping into the homeowners, the man apologized and left money as “reimbursement”
The defendants stole more than $10 million in goods from retailers such as Walmart, Costco, Walgreens and CVS, officials said
A burglary call in Seattle ended with the suspect and a K-9 dead
One estimate for losses from organized retail theft is 330 times lower than what the California Retailers Association estimated