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When the mission calls for stealth, it keeps your profile low
Approach planning as if you were the criminal element
There is a lot of great gear on the market aimed at improving officer safety using the latest technologies
Twenty-eight people were charged with selling drugs in October – nearly half the number of all drug selling charges last year
The man’s plot was discovered when a cellmate and an undercover deputy got an audio recording of the scheme
California’s Regional Auto Theft Task Force has recovered more than $3.3 million in stolen vehicles and dismantled auto theft crime rings throughout San Diego
The officer was taken by a cruiser to a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, and the stolen cruiser was found in a parking lot near the shooting scene
As a masked man came toward the driver’s door, Officer Matt Hayden swiftly opened the door and yelled “Police!” before firing at the suspect
An undercover officer who was part of the investigation with a narcotics team was hospitalized after consuming a drink at the bar
Two undercover officers were attempting to arrest a separate suspect when the man attempted to carjack one of the officers
Two of the three officers shot during an undercover fentanyl drug investigation have been released from the hospital
Chief: “That’s the one thing that keeps me up at night. How I’m putting young men and women at risk every night”
One officer was wounded and another fatally shot when the SWAT team’s plan to surprise and arrest a suspect failed
The errant shot was the result of an undercover sting operation by Miami Beach police, who were tailing a murder suspect
“These officers made the ultimate sacrifice, and our city made a pledge to them and their families to never forget.”
The trooper was shot in the face and chest when he and members of his narcotics unit were conducting undercover surveillance
The trooper was shot as he and other members of a narcotics unit were conducting surveillance in Detroit
Axel Giovany Casseus, 21, was arrested after selling cocaine to an undercover detective
A 28-year-old Chicago man is accused of shooting and wounding three law enforcement officers
Police Supt. David Brown said two of the wounded officers are ATF agents and the other is a Chicago police officer
In a lawsuit, three deputies described the agency’s undercover unit as a “booze-fueled playground for sexual exploitation”
The arrest came just weeks after the NYPD said it would be sending Asian cops undercover to stop hate crimes
“The next person you target may be a plainclothes New York City police officer, so think twice,” police officials warned
Commissioner Dermot Shea says he plans to put undercover officers out as decoys
Undercover cops stopped both shoplifting suspects and suspects during an in-progress car theft
An 18-year-old and 2 juveniles are charged with aggravated murder in what authorities say was a robbery attempt
Five men in Oregon allegedly planned a heist to pose as police raiding an illegal grow operation
NYPD’s plainclothes anti-crime unit was disbanded in June amid calls for police reform
Police Commissioner Dermot Shea said the 600 cops in the units would be moved to other responsibilities