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Cold Case

There are currently 250,000 unsolved murder cases in the United States. The Cold Case topic gives investigators and detectives news and information to stay current on the latest solved and unsolved cases, advancements in technology in police investigations and expert commentary on how police can close more cold cases. Learn how investigators are leveraging forensic genetic genealogy to solve cold cases, find out how the Vidocq Society helps agencies solve cold case homicides and discover how DNA on an ancestry site identified the Golden State Killer.

“Missing: Dead or Alive” will follow Richland County Sheriff’s Department investigators as they work missing persons cases
The “scooby-doo” team receive course credit for helping detectives track down information and locate new leads
People fear what they don’t understand. Here’s a look at misconceptions and the facts
Detective Matt Hutchison uncovers the innovative techniques and relentless pursuit that bring long-awaited closure to cases once deemed unsolvable
Tune in for tomorrow’s all-new episode, where host Jim Dudley talks with Detective Matt Hutchison about how he brings long-awaited closure to cases once deemed unsolvable
Officer Robert Keller was killed while responding to a burglary in 1967
The move comes as part of an effort to combat the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Persons epidemic; there are approximately 4,200 unsolved cases in the state
QIAGEN’s ForenSeq Kintelligence System recently used by DNA Labs International in the U.S. to solve unidentified remains case in Oregon and 51-year-old criminal investigation in Georgia
FBI agent: “Cases may grow cold, investigators may change, but this proves that for law enforcement, victims are never forgotten”
The evidence lead investigators to an upstairs neighbor who they say strangled the woman after having a fight with his wife
The child’s naked, badly bruised body was originally found back in 1957 inside a JCPenney bassinet box in a wooded area