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Crisis Intervention Training

A premature rush to routinely dispatch psychologists and social workers to the scene of potentially lethal police-citizen encounters may be a matter of misapplied good intentions
In May 2023, London’s police commissioner announced plans to stop police response to mental health emergencies unless there’s a direct life threat
Duty-to-intervene training isn’t just good policy, it’s better for officer well-being
Hear directly from those at the helm of these critical operations, as they share their challenges, successes and vision for the future of crisis intervention
“It’s taking some of the workload from us and shifting the resources to the appropriate responders,” said LAPD interim Chief Dominic Choi
The Fairfax County Police Department found that the devices added substantially to its capacity to resolve crisis situations
Mental Health
Some counselors said they had received training only in talking to people experiencing suicidal thoughts and not how to deal with other mental health issues, such as anxiety attacks, substance intoxication and withdrawal and mood disorders
“Officers today see a lot of hard stuff on the road and on the jobs that they do, so [C.J.] serves to support them and help me whenever I’m providing mental health treatment,” an official said
The Community Assisted Response and Engagement (CARE) department will send civilian responders to calls that do not warrant a police or fire response
VirTra’s compassionate communication training aligns with police objectives while mitigating trauma exposure
As part of the settlement, the city agreed all officers will receive 40 hours of Crisis Intervention Training and there will be refresher training every year
Christian Glass was killed by a sheriff’s deputy while suffering a mental health crisis. Part of the family’s $19M settlement will change how officers are trained
The funding was announced on the fifth anniversary of the deadly school shooting in Parkland, Florida
“A few tears rolled down my eyes while his were still flowing. It was like a mother and son ... as if he was my third child, my third son,” the officer recalled
Download this Police1 crisis negotiation training and products buying guide to learn key steps for product selection, purchasing and implementation
The grant, awarded by the Department of Justice’s Office of Community-Oriented Policing Services, will go toward funding contracted social workers and training members within the unit
The changes include centralizing the Crisis Intervention Team and equipping CIT officers with less lethal weapons such as Bolawraps
A report found 30% of PDs created programs that either paired specialists — like paramedics or therapists — with police or sent them to incidents in lieu of LEOs
Eyewitnesses to the shooting indicated the police did all that they could to de-escalate the situation before the man charged at the officers
A web-based police training course outlines public safety de-escalation tactics for military veterans in crisis
“It allows our officers to deal with crime versus mental health calls, which are not necessarily our specialty.”
In the program, a social work intern from Western Carolina University is placed in a local PD to serve as a community service liaison
The students helped connect officers with resources to divert people from jail into community programs
Bakersfield Police Department’s recovery specialist has a special set of skills to field 9-1-1 calls for community members who may need mental health services
One agency is using virtual reality to tackle both
Deputies will use iPads to give people in crisis access to a mental health professional
Officers can help a person in crisis while achieving the goal of voluntary compliance by taking things SLOW
Meet Deputy Gregory Plett, a seven-year veteran of the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office in California