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CSI / Forensics

The CSI / Forensics topic provides up-to-date information about technology, science, history, law, and strategy of of CSI and Forensics teams. Analyzing soil samples, lifting fingerprints, comparing DNA samples, and other forensics work is not like fictionalized creations on TV and movies.

An in-depth look at how FTK 8 can help your investigations
The impact of Barry Bonds, baseball player, on digital forensics
New legislation in Kentucky now requires the average turnaround time for sexual assault kit results be 60 days
An in-depth look at how FTK 8 can help your investigations
Four of seven justices found the scientific methodology is not reliable enough to allow examiners to testify that a particular gun fired a particular bullet
CSI found a severed finger in a glove, believed to have been cut off when the resident forced the door shut on the suspect’s hand
The grant will assist law enforcement in identifying, arresting, and prosecuting violent crimes and prolific property crimes
The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office used the same DNA genealogy techniques used to identify and capture the Golden State Killer
The van is expected to double processing speeds for ballistic evidence
The vehicle is equipped with a lab, conference room, kitchen and bathroom