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How a DNA law named after two Tacoma girls helped link an executed killer to a murder case that had been cold for nearly four decades
The impact of Barry Bonds, baseball player, on digital forensics
New legislation in Kentucky now requires the average turnaround time for sexual assault kit results be 60 days
Detective Lindsey Wade offers a look into the heart and science behind solving cold cases, showcasing how technology and determination can come together to illuminate the darkest of mysteries
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Four of seven justices found the scientific methodology is not reliable enough to allow examiners to testify that a particular gun fired a particular bullet
CSI found a severed finger in a glove, believed to have been cut off when the resident forced the door shut on the suspect’s hand
The grant will assist law enforcement in identifying, arresting, and prosecuting violent crimes and prolific property crimes
The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office used the same DNA genealogy techniques used to identify and capture the Golden State Killer
The van is expected to double processing speeds for ballistic evidence
The vehicle is equipped with a lab, conference room, kitchen and bathroom
Chief Harold Medina said the Digital Intelligence Team has been instrumental in helping detectives solve cases
Lucille Hultgren’s final, desperate moments helped catch her killer
Recipient of a Magnet Forensics Scholarship Award, the former journalist will be training under digital forensics experts
A grant-funded plan aims to to eliminate evidence-processing backlogs and increase the speed at which criminal evidence is analyzed
Judge Robert Brennan had ordered a statewide pause last year pending a review of the tests’ efficacy
Police had discovered the bodies of four potential victims in December
Discover 3 ways your department can get offenders off the street faster, identify perpetrators quickly and solve cross-jurisdictional crimes with this device
In this office, it’s not uncommon to hear a loud bang every now and then
CSI photographers must know how to properly document the scene by choosing appropriate vantage points for overall, mid-range, close-up and macro photos
How lenses, lighting and color balance achieve the most accurate representation of in situ evidence
Two criminalists from the Washoe County (Nevada) Sheriff’s Office Forensic Science Division combine their passion for forensic science with their love for public education
Detectives determined that the videos and photos -- which depicted teenagers in compromising situations -- had been digitally altered
The color and accuracy of photos taken at a crime scene are paramount to gaining a conviction
Officials said a recent forensics “breakthrough” led police to the suspect, 44 years later
The forensics lab and five other services could be reallocated under other city departments as early as fall 2020
The Richland County Sheriff’s Department and Columbia Police Department have charged over 80 people with crimes related to George Floyd protests