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What’s even more special is that these gifts help support the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund
Author of the New York Times bestselling Jericho Quinn thriller series, Marc Cameron was chosen to continue the Tom Clancy Jack Ryan series
New detectives can find success and experience the rewards of the job by relying on patience, mastering new skills
The theft ring operated by employing warehouse workers to misdirect shipping cartons of immensely valuable sneakers and sports apparel; thieves intercepted the shoes along the supply chain during shipment
One suspect was killed in a shootout with officers and the other was arrested; the victim was uninjured and one officer sustained a non-life threatening injury
During an escape attempt from a standoff, the suspect slammed into a detective’s unmarked vehicle, forcefully ejecting the detective from the vehicle.
Objectives of the program include “removing distractions” and “providing a work schedule geared to the operational needs of the team”
The two detectives said they had to work around the clock following the incident and even had to miss officer Aréanah Preston’s funeral
Detective Richard Hershey survived the attack, which involved three gunmen, but was seriously wounded
The Cleveland homicide unit has 16 detectives; The unit is budgeted for 23 detectives but the federal recommendation is 38 detectives
The push for lighter vests was “born out of tragedy” following the death of Queens Detective Brian Simonsen in 2019
Krystal Mitchell was discovered beaten to death inside an apartment in San Diego in 2016
There have been 83 homicides in the city through July 23; the unit has 18 officers, but should have 38
The new unit will help get closure for victims’ families and take some of the workload off other investigators, police said
For over three years, the unlikely duo have manned a 24/7 hotline directed at resolving conflicts
The officers were executing a search warrant when they suddenly found themselves under fire
A landscaper said he had last seen the 87-year-old woman alive about four months ago
Detective Everett Briscoe, a 13-year veteran of the New Orleans Police Department, was in Houston vacationing with friends when he was killed
Det. Jeremy Brown was killed while conducting surveillance at an apartment building
Officers were approaching a suspect vehicle to serve a warrant when a man got out and fired
A criminal complaint released Thursday charges the accused gunman with premeditated murder of a federal agent
Half a dozen detectives who worked on the case were involved with fundraising
Detective Robert Anzilotti’s careful poking and prodding into the mind of the now 74-year-old serial killer resulted in a confession to the murder of two teen girls
For more than 15 years, over countless interviews, a detective would chip away at the serial killer, working to get him to admit to the decades-old killings
Officers chased down the suspect and arrested him on multiple charges
Jack Palladino, who worked on cases related to the Clintons and Kurt Cobain, was attacked during an attempted robbery and died Monday from his injuries
Two men have been arrested in connection with an attempted robbery that left famed San Francisco private investigator Jack Palladino on life support
Under the new rules, which have drawn fierce opposition, LAPD detectives can compare photos of suspects against millions of inmate mugshots
A detective who sought a no-knock search warrant and another who opened fire received pretermination letters Tuesday