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Gang Violence

In an NIJ podcast, LEADS Scholars from three police departments discuss how they worked with community organizations and used evidence-based policing to reduce gun violence
Some may shudder at the words “consent to search.” But hear me out
The Dream Keeper Fellowship will give high-risk individuals $300 a month to avoid violence
Sheriff Robert Luna stated that the suspect had a lengthy criminal history and documented gang affiliations and “had no business being in possession of a firearm”
“We are lucky we did not lose a Dallas officer that day,” Chief Eddie Garcia said. “Whether [the suspect] knew a Dallas police officer was inside that car or not, he fired into an occupied vehicle showing no regard for human life”
The state police will use the funding toward community outreach programs and other programming designed to reduce youth involvement in gang activity
Atlanta PD Chief Schierbaum said officers removed 3,000 guns from city streets in 2023 while charging 140 documented gang members with 560 crimes
Duane Davis maintains he was given immunity in 2008 by an FBI and LAPD task force investigating the killings of Shakur in Las Vegas and rival rapper known as The Notorious B.I.G. six months later
The street crime unit will conduct community engagement, but also focus on enforcement and consequences for violent criminals
The new strategy identified 69 violence-prone “zones” and added a heavy police presence during summer months
Detective Richard Hershey survived the attack, which involved three gunmen, but was seriously wounded
Birmingham chief credits progress to efforts targeting gang violence and strengthened cooperation with county sheriff
Mayor Brandon Scott: “This strategy works and it works for a reason”
Chief Eric Smith says he is in favor of juveniles facing more consequences and having a stronger juvenile justice system
Police were responding to a shooting that left one person dead and four others injured
In just the first two months of the year, officers have confiscated 372 guns, including 77 ghost guns
The use of the federal racketeering law to go specifically after violence has ramped up since 2017
By studying gun violence like we study disease, the police can improve the chances of discovering who has a greater chance of being shot
Investigators believe the shooting was gang-related
The current database will be updated and regularly audited in light of debate around similar lists in Los Angeles and New York
The two boys, ages 14 and 11, were fatally shot while sitting in a minivan in an elementary school parking lot
Changes in gangs’ operations have forced law enforcement to rethink its strategies on investigating shootings, rivalries
Sheriffs and investigators told legislators that gangs are the most pressing challenge they face statewide
He has been charged with attempted murder, assault in a shooting authorities believe to be gang-related
Police are putting teens through computer simulations to help them de-escalate gang confrontations
Investigators believe the person killed and three of the people who were wounded were “all innocent bystanders”
“You can come here and have a chance to be normal kid and not get mixed up in gangs,” Chelsea Police Capt. Keith Houghton said
Research shows that to reduce gang-related homicides, law enforcement, social services and the community must work together