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Farewell to Bob Walker, P1 Forums moderator and friend

Also a former Border Patrol and DEA agent, Bob succumbed to cancer on May 10


Bob Walker, a longtime P1 Forums moderator and friend to many, passed away on May 10.

By the Police1 Team

This week we received news about the death of Bob Walker, our longtime Police1 forums moderator and about as big a fan and advocate of the site as there has ever been. Also the owner of the now defunct and an occasional P1 contributor, Bob had been diagnosed with cancer a while back and suffered lung, nerve and kidney damage as a result of the chemotherapy treatment, which ultimately took his life.

While his name may not be familiar to some of you (and others may know him by his forums handle, TopSite), Bob has long been a fixture within the Police1 community and has been a passionate, ardent supporter of P1 since much humbler days. Bob spent a great deal of his time contributing to discussion and ferociously protecting our forums, chasing away “trolls” and policing interaction on threads. Sometimes a little too ferociously; Bob wasn’t shy about mixing it up, and occasionally we’d need to ask him to tone it down a bit and play nice. He always took our feedback constructively, but ultimately, Bob was wired to protect and defend.

Bob started his law enforcement career with the U.S. Border Patrol on the California/Mexican border and later became a special agent with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). During his years in law enforcement - which involved undercover work - he was recognized for his dedication to fighting the import of illegal drugs. During his tenure with DEA, President Richard Nixon recruited him to be part of the newly formed “Sky Marshal” team seeking terrorists on international flights.

A website doesn’t reach the level of success Police1 has without a strong segment of supporters who believe deeply in the purpose and potential of the site as more than just a collection of links and news. Bob was chief among them, and contributed meaningfully to our growth and improvement. We thank him deeply for that.

Bob’s widow, Naysa, has requested we pass along a link to his obituary guestbook in case anyone wishes to leave a few words. Likewise, you are encouraged to comment within the Police1 forums thread dedicated to him. Our thoughts are with her and his entire family.