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Gun Safety

Consider the dangers you may be overlooking when you take your duty weapons home and take steps to reduce your risk
Affordable, quality tactical eyewear is now available in retail stores from the deserts of California to the streets of New York
Ready positions provide a clear and safe path to a target and provide an unobstructed angle of attack
The state law requiring the background check is intended to help police find people who own guns illegally; a federal judge has ruled it violated Second Amendment rights
The proposals include requiring background checks for advertised private gun sales, harshening penalties for reckless sales and creating a violence prevention resource network
Current sheriff’s office policy dictates that off-duty deputies are allowed to carry a gun as long as their blood alcohol content is below .08
“With this initiative, we understand that to drive action, we’ve got to do something a little bit different, and that’s where this initiative is going to do something a little bit different,” said David Ashford, chair of Bluegrass Crime Stoppers
The idea is to boost resources for violence prevention programs, which have been overwhelmed in some cities
The guns allegedly manufactured by the suspects were made from a combination of parts found online and parts made by a 3D printer, according to NYPD
The school’s superintendent said the child made no threats and likely thought the gun was just a toy
Board members who voted to reinstate the officers cited the rise in teen gun violence and the increasing number of weapons found on DPS campuses