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The program seeks to bolster public safety efforts and promote community resilience
A majority of first responder agencies lack necessary funds for purchasing equipment and technology
Join our expert panel as they share invaluable lessons and best practices for agencies aspiring to launch or enhance their real-time crimefighting capabilities
The Jasper Police Department, having requested nearly $51,000, agreed to redirect all but $6,000 to help Sarcoxie PD buy a new car and meet other departments’ needs
Moose Lake is the 35th Minnesota police department to disband since 2016
Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia emphasized the need for the new facility, saying officers “spent $4,000 on lumber and supplies to build our own makeshift reality-based training scenario room”
Chris Broomell from discusses law enforcement firearms and training
The majority of the funding from the $2.35 million deal will go toward personnel costs for deputies from 18 different agencies
LAPD will use the funds to “help conduct follow-ups in any investigations of crimes that occur to track down these criminals, identify them and ultimately bring them to justice”
Mayor Eric Adams stated there won’t be a hiring freeze of NYPD officers, allowing the department to start a new academy class in April that would have been canceled
The idea is to boost resources for violence prevention programs, which have been overwhelmed in some cities
“Not a single council member has approached me and asked if I was looking for another officer,” Chief Bill Drollinger said. “They haven’t given me the clearance to make a hire — and I don’t believe they will”
The contract calls for sergeants, lieutenants and captains to receive 3% raises annually retroactive for the years they went without a contract
“I’m talking to my budget team right now about how we can support the city because the city has to be safe. I’ll work with the mayor to make sure that’s accomplished,” Gov. Kathy Hochul said
Under the proposal, the first $40 million in adult use marijuana tax revenue each year over the next two years would go to Law Enforcement Assistance Fund for training
The long processing times were called into question last year when a man was convicted of a 2021 rape weeks after killing a woman in 2022
“No matter how and where one prays, every Californian deserves to be safe,” Gov. Gavin Newsom said after approving millions in funding for additional policing
The proposal would have raised officer wages by 5.2% and added other financial incentives for hiring and retention
“The situation is at a crisis point given the volume of calls and the level of crime that’s reported,” said Barry Donelan, the head of Oakland’s police union
Law enforcement offices that serve rural counties can receive funds to raise pay, hire new officers and buy new equipment
While many agencies are facing funding challenges, cutbacks are not always plausible. Here are some effective strategies to deal with financial struggles
The mayor said the training center will “better prepare our fire, police and emergency responders to protect and serve our communities”
Sheriff Robert Luna’s request, which was opposed by the ACLU, includes plans to purchase a jail management system and new TASERs for deputies on patrol
The proposed bill would make the money available to departments with fewer than 200 sworn officers for safety, training and recruitment
The omnibus bill also offers up to $50,000 in education and training reimbursements to law enforcement agencies
Greensboro PD is approved to have an $11K increase in starting pay after seeing four officers switch to join another city’s departmentt
Since the 1960s, the officers have carried their own guns on the job, like many small municipal forces
Gov. Tina Kotek is also asking for nearly $7 million to clear the LE training backlog that has prevented new LEOs from being deployed