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See how your clean-up process for potential hazards like drugs and bodily fluids measures up in this free infographic
Blast exposure is an occupational hazard for tactical officers, and it’s important to know the risks and take steps to address them
While the officers were assisting the man, who was said to be “emotionally disturbed and was in crisis,” they were overcome by a combination of hydrochloride, hydrogen peroxide and sodium hydroxide
Homeland Security is investigating who left a chemical mixture in the witness waiting area
The one-time payments are part of Gov. Ron DeSantis’ proposal for spending Florida’s share of American Rescue Plan funds
The city of Flint will pay police officers $1,200 in hazardous duty pay for working during the COVID-19 pandemic
The devices are connected to patrol cars and are designed to reduce the risk of officers getting stuck by drug needles at crime scenes or raids