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Highway Patrol

Being aware of less obvious mechanical violations, in addition to the easier to recognize violations, will increase your knowledge and ability to contact
A driver’s attitude and history can influence the decision to issue a ticket as much as traffic conditions and the infraction itself
“I look forward to working with Minnesota State Patrol staff and allied agencies who work so hard to keep residents safe on Minnesota roadways,” Interim Col. Christina Bogojevic said
Michigan State Police helicopter video shows the suspect doing wheelies and doughnuts around Dearborn PD cruisers before leading multiple departments on a pursuit
The woman fired a gun into two cars while driving, grazing one driver’s arm and striking another in the neck; she is being charged with attempted murder
“If you’re coming here and you’re committing crimes and causing havoc, you are going to pay the price,” Governor Ron DeSantis said. “We will hold you accountable. That’s what we do here. That is not going to fly in the Sunshine State”
Police Recruitment
The spike follows the CHP 1000 recruitment campaign and the release of the recruitment web series “Cadets,” which followed recruits as they trained to become CHP officers
Trooper First Class Chase Redner had been with the Georgia State Patrol since graduating from the academy in 2017
“We’re pleased to see this increase in applications from [individuals] … willing to go above and beyond to serve and protect, with ... strong moral fiber not exclusive to those with a college education,” said Colonel Christopher Paris
Officer Christopher Garcia says the state would not allow him to adopt K-9 Nala, who has lived with him throughout her two years of service
Police Recruitment
“Cadets” will document an academy class’s six-month training journey; it will be released on Jan. 17
In one body camera video, a trooper and bystanders run toward an SUV to pull a person to safety
Police on foot, in cruisers and riding on the back of a civilian’s pickup truck were able to apprehend the man
State law requires that the raises be calculated based on the base salaries, retirement benefits and add-ons of five other departments
As much as 40% of Antioch’s officers are currently suspended for investigations of misconduct, some involving the FBI
Danelo Cavalcante — still armed with a rifle — tried to evade capture by crawling through thick underbrush but was bitten by a K-9
State officials said 137 of 297 applicants who applied to become a trooper in early September do not have college credits
The suspect fired shots at troopers who were executing a search warrant in connection with the torching and shooting of the agency’s cruisers
Since 2019, the CHP’s Organized Retail Crime Task Force has arrested over 1,200 individuals and reclaimed $30M worth of merchandise
Dash cam video captures the driver hitting Robbinsville Township Officer Connor Boyle and narrowly missing the driver he was assisting
Like many first responders battling the Wine Country wildfires, officer Tracy Ross has all but forgotten what day it is
The second-highest ranking official is resigning amid an ongoing review into whether troopers were being ordered to meet ticket quotas
The response comes after an email written by a FHP supervisor ordering troopers to write two traffic citations per hour emerged
No one was inside the patrol car
The police increase will address concerns that the agency has been losing troopers to better paying local police jobs
A California driver has been cited for using a mannequin — not a real person — to drive in the carpool lane
CHP Commissioner Joe Farrow met with Sacramento Police Chief Sam Somers for about two hours Monday “in an attempt to look for some lessons learned”
The Highway Patrol already has 130 billboards up and will include Sgt. Bob Beres’ message at convenience stores and high school football tickets