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Highway Patrol

Virginia patrol officer’s dashcam video is another reminder that traffic stops can go from routine to life-threatening in the blink of an eye
The company offers speed enforcement and crime scene mapping technology that is both cost-effective and reliable
An increasing number of vehicles have automated driver assistant systems and NHTSA investigates collisions when those systems don’t perform as expected
Tom Nitti auditioned for the show eight years ago and was accepted to be a contestant, but could not participate after being accepted to the police academy at the same time
A trend that gained popularity in 2020, street takeovers have started to decrease in Atlanta thanks to a multijurisdictional crack-down
“You’re a good cop,” but “I will kill every state trooper that comes here,” the suspect said to a trooper
A female officer is in serious, but stable condition; a male officer, as well as the F-150 driver, suffered non-life-threatening injuries
The 160-page report conducted by the National Policing Institute showed 78.5% of people stopped were white, 14.4% were Black and 8.2% were Hispanic
“I just ran toward the officer and I punched the (suspect) in the ribs, but it seemed like he didn’t even feel it”
The suspect ran and took off in the deputy’s patrol vehicle, which was left unlocked; the deputy and the trooper began firing shots at the stolen vehicle
“This crash highlights the dangers first responders and road crews face on a daily basis when working in a construction zone on a busy highway,” state police said