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Homeland Security

While the report covers many areas of improvement, one devastatingly important factor current LEOs should consider is the need to share intelligence and information
This DHS-sponsored event aims to strengthen urban first response to evolving threats in day-to-day operations and during larger-scale emergency incidents
The Naval Postgraduate School provides police, fire and EMS leaders with the opportunity to develop their critical thinking skills and obtain a free master’s degree
Chris Magnus submitted his resignation to President Biden, saying it had been “a privilege and honor” to be part of the administration
“I think it’s a good thing. He was just working on policies that were just going to incentivize more criminal activity,” said Border Patrol union president Brandon Judd
Operation Dark Nodes led to 27 arrests and the destruction of a portion of a “transnational” drug trade
The Ford Mustang Mach-E is the first of a number of EVs that DHS plans to field across its law enforcement missions throughout the homeland
A six-month pilot program will focus on the costs and benefits of using the technology in federal law enforcement
If that deal is too good to be true, it probably is
A DHS inspector said a new report found that the agency “did not properly exercise its authority” in Portland last summer
QuickRoute takes into account emergency vehicle-specific factors that aren’t included in other navigation apps