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Throughout the museum, guests will learn the full story of the Marshals, which dates back to the ratification of the U.S. Constitution
“It’s not working,” said local FOP vice president Brian Steel. “Our homicide rate continues to climb”
The TSA says the marshal was apprehended along with another marshal after Flight 3531 landed Monday night
In the days that followed, authorities learned that the fugitive was not wanted for attempted murder
U.S. marshals and police tracked down and arrested a dangerous ex-convict and five others, bringing a sudden and safe ending to a multistate manhunt
Woman on the sidewalk appears to be filming officers with her cellphone when a deputy U.S. Marshal approaches her
A deputy marshal was killed in Louisiana while carrying out the roundup — the first on-duty death of a marshal in four years
The escape by Wossen Assaye prompted questions as to why two guards assigned to him were insufficient to prevent his escape
Baby will be named Josie Wells Jr., after his father
Deputy U.S. Marshal Josie Wells died Tuesday in a shootout while trying to arrest the fugitive
Justice Department, which is defending the two deputy U.S. marshals being sued, says driver was shot only after he struck one of them with his car
19-year-old Jessica Chambers was doused with a flammable liquid and set on fire Saturday
Scott Malkowski, a task force commander with the U.S. Marshals Service, spied a figure moving from the woods toward an abandoned airplane hangar in the Pocono Mountains
A man who was shot to death in a gun battle with pursuing officers was a suspect in several ongoing homicide cases
A female U.S. Marshal fought back and held a man for police after he groped her and pulled down her pants while running
Fugitive armed with two handguns and wearing body armor fired several rounds at officers, who fired back
Fugitive mixed martial arts fighter War Machine was arrested Friday in California on suspicion of beating his ex-girlfriend so severely she feared for her life
Det. Mario Muniz, 45, was hit in the upper-right chest area by one of Mozdir’s bullets, but it was stopped by his bullet proof vest
The suspected sex offender was recently profiled on CNN’s “The Hunt” with John Walsh
25-year-old defendant Siale Angilau got out of his seat, grabbed a pen and rushed a witness “in an aggressive, threatening manner” during his trial April 21
Man already facing state charges that he pretended to be a police officer in Chicago was arrested today on federal charges he impersonated a U.S. marshal twice
March 12 high-speed pursuit led to the death of suspect
Police chased a suspect from rooftop to rooftop, used a TASER and eventually a K-9 to take a high-risk parolee at large into custody
When Utah’s new federal courthouse opened last week, it came with security improvements that are becoming standard around the country
Judge says the U.S. Marshals Service has failed to follow previous court decisions in favor of the photos’ release