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Drones can provide invaluable intelligence and tactical assistance to SWAT teams before they enter structures
They are meant for daily and critical decision-making and apply to officers, supervisors and managers in patrol and special operations
Incident videos help responders identify the physical and behavioral cues of a severe behavioral emergency that may or may not have a criminal component
It was estimated that 1 in 4 Norwegians knew someone who had been directly affected by the deadliest attack in Norway since World War II
Let the mission dictate the need for speed
When responding to an active shooter incident, you need the right stuff, you need to take out the right target and you need to address the threat right now
Conference will feature a trade show, networking opportunities, seminars and more
The Advanced Response Patrol Officer Program provides patrol cops with enhanced training, gear and skills that will allow a more effective response to serious tactical situations
Analysis of 97 worldwide active shooter incidents in 2017 identifies trends to consider as we prepare to counter the active shooter threat
We need to remove the obstacles that prevent us from learning and improving our teams, capabilities and operational success
SHOT Show’s Law Enforcement Education Program (LEEP) provides a roadmap for police officer tactical training
Program seeks to enhance the professionalization of SWAT through serious academic study of tactical operations and leadership
There are a lengthy list of reasons why warning shots are a bad idea, but there are also some situations where it could be a reasonable alternative to deadly force
As active shooter threats evolve, agencies and officers need to assess their current capabilities to respond to these new threats
As we continue to see a shift in the role of the American cop, it is important to take the steps necessary to meet the demands of the profession
Almost every LEO carries a knife, but very few agencies have an edged weapons policy commensurate with those they have for firearms, impact weapons, chemical weapons, and conductive energy weapons