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The Officer Safety topic page has the specific mission of keeping cops safe through current & quality information, with tips, columnist commentary and the latest news updates. The Officer Safety topic page is a key resource for officers everywhere.

As you ready yourself and your community for a heat wave, keep these tips in mind
Follow these tips for police officers to protect your skin and eyes from the sun while on patrol
So that you can beat all the odds that are against you, maintaining adequate LEO physical fitness should be your own personal condition of employment
The incident occurred after the driver reportedly brandished a gun at a tow truck driver
Gordon Graham offers practical tips to minimize the risk of heat illness, including dressing in lightweight, light-colored clothing, taking regular breaks in a cool place and more
Warwick Police Chief David Shoemaker was assisting a sergeant with a traffic stop when the driver involved in the stop hit Shoemaker with his car twice
A recent event where officers confronted a suicidal man armed with a sword provides a stark reminder of the dangers and complexities in law enforcement
Unlike a physical injury, a mental traumatic injury can happen almost daily
Training for muscular strength will allow you to produce more strength in subject control and defensive tactics situations
How can we physically train police officers to enhance fighting ability and control tactics?
OODA loop tests are administered by the police gods on every single call to which we respond and every stop or encounter we initiate
Reducing resistance to policing makes your job easier and safer
The risks of injury to a police officer’s eyesight are present almost any time they are working, not just when qualifying with a firearm
Police officers should absolutely wear sunglasses, here’s why
To win these encounters, it is good to look at these real world-obstacle courses as a seven-stage event
The airlines are perfectly comfortable with guns in checked baggage — they deal with them all the time — but you do need to understand the process and prepare your gear
Knowing your surroundings and being able to react to them are crucial skills every police officer needs
The system breaks down alertness levels into four colors of escalating degrees of preparation for the use of deadly force
Ambush attacks on police officers do not discriminate in gender, assignment or age, and they affect all category of assignment
The officer had been working a security detail around 3:30 a.m. when a man approached her vehicle and managed to get inside
“This is an example of how quickly situations can escalate and become dangerous for our officers,” the Dayton Police Department stated
The suspect was arrested on arson charges after an investigation uncovered that he had been researching the trooper’s personal information online after being pulled over
On April 11, 1986, one of the most famous shootouts in modern times took place between the FBI and two serial bank robbers
The Key West Police Department stated that the suspect drove to the college “with the specific intent of killing two individuals”
The proposal comes after a Minn. shooting that killed two police officers and a paramedic, where wounded officers were rescued using an armored vehicle purchased in 2008
Agencies reported 466 assaults with firearms in 2023, up from less than 200 officers assaulted and injured by suspects with guns in 2014
A squad car can feel like a little bubble of safety, but it’s not
The smartest cop isn’t the one with the quickest decision
Don’t be afraid to regularly take your unit to your city, county or state vehicle maintenance folks to have them check the brake pads and wheel alignment