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The Officer Safety topic page has the specific mission of keeping cops safe through current & quality information, with tips, columnist commentary and the latest news updates. The Officer Safety topic page is a key resource for officers everywhere.

Use the tactical decision making equation to explain the process of how you arrived at your decision
Preparation is key; your life and the lives of your colleagues depend on it
Wear your helmet. It could save your life.
Upon arrival, Hillsborough County deputies encountered the 19-year-old suspect and his mother outside of their home; the suspect then killed his mother and fired at deputies
Body armor can mean the difference between life and death for officers, but the process to purchase it has some major challenges
Nye County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Jason Ruesch said he needed the assistance and would like to express his appreciation to the unidentified bystander
While Madison County deputies were serving a warrant, the suspect “refused to exit the vehicle, drew a handgun from his pocket and raised that handgun toward deputies”
A Fullerton Police Department officer was outside his cruiser investigating a fatal crash when a Tesla slammed into his patrol vehicle, narrowly missing the officer
Sometimes the best decision is the hardest decision – just walk away
Ogle County Sheriff’s Office deputies were responding to a report of a person threatening to kill themselves and others when they were immediately fired upon
After the truck pushed through cruisers attempting to box it in, the driver led deputies on a 2-hour pursuit followed by a 45-minute standoff before he was arrested
Austin SWAT officers surrounded the convenience store where the suspect was barricaded; an officer shot the man, fearing for the safety of a store manager trapped inside
The man exited the car and started pouring oil in the lobby, attempting to ignite it, before Martin County deputies subdued him with a TASER
“During the struggle [the suspect]... put the gun against Officer Yarusso’s chest and shot [him] point blank range,” Queens Assistant District Attorney Lauren Reilly said
Know these common scenarios that can cause cops to lose situational awareness – and avoid them!
First responders need to become students of history, because it’s one of the easiest ways to avoid becoming the subject of history repeating itself
Take charge of your physical health and wellness so you can identify potential issues and address them before they cause trouble
Body camera footage shows the suspect suddenly exiting a vehicle with a knife raised and advancing toward a Ceres PD officer before the shooting occurred
“I know we are not alone...” said Minneapolis Police Chief Brian O’Hara. “It’s become too easy to attack our police, and it needs to stop”
Ramsey County Sheriff Bob Fletcher said if the bullet hit six inches higher, it would have struck Deputy Joe Kill directly
Whether it’s a compact car for fuel efficiency or an SUV equipped for tactical operations, each police vehicle type serves a unique role within the broader mission of public safety and law enforcement
The law requires officers to issue a verbal warning for individuals to step back; failure to comply could result in a fine or jail time
The officer who was shot at by the suspect pursued him for several minutes despite being wounded by broken glass; the suspect was later found and arrested
Reno Police Department Officer Richard Jager was cleared of any criminal wrongdoing in the 2020 officer-involved shooting
Most officers do not do enough to take care of themselves, which in this business, presents a serious problem
The FBI study revealed that traditional body armor, designed primarily for men, can cause bullets to deflect off the chest and hit the throat when worn by women
The harassment included hacking attempts of the officer’s personal computer, false police reports and thousands of spam messages
Video shows a large crowd swarm the deputy’s patrol car and begin kicking and punching it
Stay safe under the sun with these 10 expert tips on preventing and treating sunburn