Poem: Officer Down

Many officers' dreams play out the dangerous situations they face on every call

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This poem is by Deputy Justin Dobrovolny who works for a small agency in Morrill County, Nebraska. 

"I asked myself, 'What does it mean to be a police officer?' Not to be too cliched, but it's accepting that you could die in the profession that you've chosen and still continue regardless," said Dobrovolny. 

During a difficult time at a former agency, the stress of personnel shortages and excessive overtime led to some strange dreams. "I experienced such a realistic scenario in one dream where even driving by the location today still gives me an uneasy feeling," said Dobrovolny. The poem below recounts what happened in the dream.

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Officer Down

I approach the vehicle
To what seems like a standard stop
How was I to know it was a killer in that parking lot?

I near the window and begin to announce
With ears left ringing, a burst of gunfire sounds
I fall back stunned and surprised.

Tires spin as gravel and dust are thrown into my eyes
I clutch my radio, to say officer down
But only a cough and blood comes out.

I lay alone as I hear the radio traffic
Officer in need of assistance
Unknown details though the situation is tragic.

My location is called out in a frantic race
Sirens are heard faintly in the distance
As first responders are sent rushing to my aide.

EMTs arrive and they go to work with haste
My uniform and vest are torn off of my chest
A breathing bag is placed around my face.

And CPR begins at the 30 and two pace
Another impact is felt in my core
My ribs crack as the compressions continue more.

A bright light shines though my pupils fail to track
We're losing him one says, while another cries
No, we're not, we're bringing him back!

A tireless effort put forth to resuscitate
Though I accept this time, they were too late
The warmth from the crimson begins to surround.

An eerie comfort, no longer pain or fear to be found
Thinking of my family that which I leave behind
I hope my actions reflect as honor shown.

Fulfilling my duties and upholding my oath
My spouse, family and friends
I love you all the most.

You all knew the risks at hand
Throughout this life I chose
We embraced the good times and endured the struggles of the bad.

Please don't dwell on what we could have had
I've found my peace, I'm brought to this acceptance
My life is ending today. 

The compressions stop
And a pulse is no longer felt
My time of death announced.

As the voices around me fade
I feel a sense of euphoria
As I begin to drift away.

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