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Mich. cop, suspect shot in domestic disturbance

Officer was met with gunfire Thursday after the 30-year-old suspect exited the back of the residence and began shooting

By Police1 Staff

WYOMING, Mich. — A Michigan police officer was shot during a gun battle with a suspect after responding to a domestic disturbance Thursday.

According to the Detroit Free Press, the officer was met with gunfire after the 30-year-old suspect exited the back of the residence and began shooting.

The unnamed officer was shot once in the abdomen right below his body armor.

The suspect was also shot in an exchange with officers after running through the neighborhood, according to MLive. Both the suspect and the officer were transported to a local hospital.

A bystander also suffered minor injuries in the incident, likely by a stray bullet or shrapnel from the suspect.

Wyoming Police Chief James Carmody told reporters at a news conference,“This is what we live with. We had an armored vehicle here that helped us. And there’s a lot of people that are complaining about the militarization of police officers, and this is where it comes into play. So if they want to come out and complain, have at it. But those vehicles, that equipment saved my officer today, so they’re worth their weight in my gold as far as I’m concerned.”

The officer has been released from the hospital and is currently recovering at home, WZZM reported. The suspect is listed as critical. Police are investigating the incident.