PRESS RELEASE Partners with Veterans and Peace Officers to Help Them Earn Extra Income

Bakersfield, CA – September, 2016 –, a Veteran/LEO owned ammunition store, aims to reach out to and partner with current and retired veterans and law enforcement officers, to aid them in making extra income through promoting the site.

Charles Sears, who proudly serves as a Law Enforcement officer, and a Veteran of the U.S Army, owns“I could promote the business through normal channels like every other business, but that’s not my goal. I am reaching out to those individuals who want to start their own venture, but may not have the time or resources to start a business from the ground up. My program will help them start building their own audience. It helps my business and I help them, and I love win-win scenarios.”

We asked Charles how to become a partner:“I have made it easy. All a person needs to start is a PayPal account to get paid. I do the rest. I set the Veteran/LEO up with a personal link like ‘’, and as soon as they start directing people to the link and customers make a purchase, they get paid.”The affiliate program of is an excellent way to earn income without all the stress of the backend of running a business. Signing up for the program is free of charge and has very few requirements. They even provide business cards to interested affiliates. Charles provides a support number to take care of all questions and concerns, and works closely with his affiliates to ensure orders are filled.

Getting started with their affiliate program just takes a few minutes. Follow this link, and find more answers regarding your questions.

Current and former law enforcement officers and Veterans are encouraged to contact Charles directly through email at


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