3 reasons cops should check out LaserLyte's V-Mag Grip Laser

The device extends an NAA Magnum Mini Revolver’s usable range

I recently tested LaserLyte’s V-Mag Grip Laser, an aiming device for North American Arms (NAA) Magnum Mini Revolvers.

The V-Mag Grip Laser is a two-piece, glass-filled nylon grip with an emitter that fires near the top strap of the revolver. Since the beam is close to the bore, it keeps the aiming point near the bullet strike throughout the useable range of the cartridge.

The .75 ounce grip does not add any weight to the gun. It uses three inexpensive watch batteries to fire it.

It’s no secret that I’m an NAA fan. On duty I carried a NAA Mini 22LR. Eventually I graduated to a NAA 22 Magnum. Both guns always shot well for me. I never carried one as a backup; they have always been my “Onion Field” guns.

The 22 WMR cartridge is not up to the performance I recommend for an off-duty cartridge, but modern improvements – especially the Hornady 22 WMR 45 grain FTX cartridge – have upped the odds. In my ballistic gelatin and accuracy tests, the NAA guns favor this cartridge.

NAA has added the Sidewinder to its model line. This is like the original 5-shot design, but it has a swing-out cylinder, a familiar style for any revolver user. The Sidewinder (NAA SW) adds rapid reloading to micro handgun carry. The V-Mag Grip Laser adds the ability to steer the gun quickly and accurately.

Every police officer should own this combo for these three reasons:

1. Extends the usable range of an NAA 22 Magnum

NAA revolvers just don’t have a decent sight radius for reasonable sight alignment. “So what?” many will ask, arguing that this is a last ditch gun where no one will use sights in the fight. While this is partially reasonable, all shots must be aimed and all shooting should be sighted fire.

I sighted mine for 7 yards, which allowed me to shoot reasonably from contact distance to 15 yards. The V-Mag Grip Laser is adjusted for windage and elevation with a micro Allen wrench.

For this combination, use the V-Mag Grip Laser as the primary sight. It is a 5mW red laser that is daylight visible out to about 10 yards. I could see it at 15 yards, but that’s pushing it.

2. Accommodates for cross dominance

If the mini revolver is your third gun, chances are your support hand draws it. If this language is confusing to you, it means that a right-handed shooter will likely carry the mini revolver somewhere that the left hand will draw it in an emergency. If the shooter is right-handed/right-eye dominant, shooting left-handed will naturally yield a cross dominance. Trying to align these tiny sights with a disadvantage is a real disadvantage. Using the V-Mag Grip Laser translates into problem solved.

3. Provides a palm filling grip

Although I would like a grip surface that is a little tackier, it is much better than some of the stock grips you get with a NAA Mini Revolver. They are slightly wider than the ones that came with my gun, and the switch is in the front of the grip. To activate it, one only needs to acquire a good grip. It was fast and very natural for any shooter who tried it out. The NAA revolvers are single-action tools and the laser stays lit when cocking the hammer.

There are some seamless features that show good ole’ engineering on LaserLyte’s part. First, the glass-filled nylon is especially durable, with delicate parts protected. Second, the batteries can be changed using a coin on the outside of the grip, which means the product stays sighted and the grips stay on for a battery change.

Before I wrote about this product, I put it on an extended test. The gun ran and cycled with me for many miles. It was in my chest pack while fishing and in a neck holster when walking around. My NAA Mini Revolver never failed to give me first-hit performance.

I know that LaserLyte says the product will fit any holster, but I have one pocket holster that completely covers the sides of the gun past the cylinder, right where the emitter sits. I was able to quickly modify this holster with a pocketknife. Kydex users may wish to test the holster before purchasing.

The gun has gone with me in places where the general assumption is that “no one is carrying a gun.” Thanks to North American Arms, LaserLyte and Hornady for increasing my survivability.

MSRP is $129.95.

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