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CARFAX for Police announces $5,000 contribution to the United States Police Canine Association Foundation

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Contribution Kicks Off Fundraising Efforts for the Retired K-9 Assistance Fund

CENTREVILLE, Va., – CARFAX for Police, a leading provider of trusted insights and solutions that power law enforcement agencies’ mission to protect and serve, today announced that it has made a $5,000 contribution to the United States Police Canine Association (USPCA) Foundation’s Retired K-9 Assistance Fund. The contribution kicks off the USPCA’s national effort to provide support for the handlers of retired police canines so they can receive the best possible care following their service.

After retirement, most K-9s are adopted by their handlers and become family pets. It can be difficult for handlers to afford the best care for their police dog after retirement, and contributions to the Retired K-9 Assistance Fund will help the handlers keep their partners healthy and happy in retirement. Maintaining K-9s is a vital part of law enforcement, and the primary goal of this fund is to assist officers and agencies in providing and maintaining a K-9 unit, no matter the size of the department.

“As an organization dedicated to delivering solutions and tools that help sworn and civilian law enforcement professionals keep their communities safer and do their jobs efficiently, we are thrilled to kick off fundraising efforts to support retired K-9s,” commented Lt. Michael Ledoux (retired), Business Development Manager at CARFAX for Police. “Dogs are woven into the fabric of the CARFAX culture, and helping handlers care for these heroes so that they get the best possible care is a win for all of us.”

“We are thrilled to announce that CARFAX for Police’s lead contribution will support this new fund and know that our members will sincerely appreciate the support for their retired partners,” commented Wayne Rothschild, President of the United States Police Canine Association. “Our mission as an organization is to advance public safety through K-9 training, education, and resourcing, and through this fund, we seek to assist law enforcement’s need for a continuum of K-9 support. Now more than ever, it’s important to innovate how we sustain lifelong care for K-9s and their families so that departments of all sizes can maintain this vital law enforcement tool.”

CARFAX for Police is making this contribution to the Retired K9 Assistance Fund on behalf of agencies featured in its first-ever, law enforcement-exclusive Top Investigative Cases of the Year training session, to be held virtually on December 14, 2021, at 1 PM ET. The event provides a real-time, collaborative session for sharing innovative approaches and creative investigative tactics used to crack the most challenging, compelling, and complex cases of 2021. Investigators and analysts will detail the processes, tools, and methods they used to solve these cases, and attendees are encouraged to ask questions and share contacts and resources in real-time during the training.

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About CARFAX for Police
CARFAX for Police provides trusted insights and solutions that power law enforcement agencies to create better protected communities, and safer, more efficient agencies. 5,000 interoperable crime-fighting agencies across North America partner with CARFAX for Police to solve crimes faster using a suite of law enforcement-only Investigative Tools, powered by 27 billion vehicle history records on the world’s largest data vehicle history platform. Partners include National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, RISS Centers, IAATI, and IACP.

About United States Police Canine Association Foundation
The United States Police Canine Association (USPCA) Foundation is the nation’s oldest and largest police K-9 organization. Since 1971, USPCA has delivered training and certification of police dogs in general patrol dog use, tracking, protection, narcotic detection, explosive detection, arson, fish and game, and search and rescue. These regional and national certifications have been upheld by more than 78 United States Supreme and Federal District Court rulings as a ‘bona-fide’ test for police use. USPCA represents the very finest in police dog training and certification and strives for constant improvement.