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Finder Software Solutions announces new partnerships via 6.2 updates

Vetted Security Solutions (VSS) is proud to announce the latest feature updates and enhancements from its sister company, FINDER Software Solutions (FSS). FINDER’s most recent 6.2 software release brings a robust series of updates and opens up additional upgrade options available. This feature release is pivotal to the FINDER platform as it will no longer solely be just an information-sharing solution. FINDER is now an investigative portal that takes information-sharing and case solving for law enforcement to another level.


The latest FINDER release integrates Public Records Search, Facial Recognition Search powered by Clearview AI (CVAI), Electronic License and Vehicle Information System (ELVIS) Search, and National Integrated Ballistics Information Network (NIBIN) Mapping. “The new features available now with the 6.2 release are pivotal to the enhancement of our solution,” says Jim McClure, Managing Director of FINDER Software Solutions. “These partnerships not only expand the visibility for law enforcement through FINDER but also align with our mission to increase officer safety and productivity while helping to reduce crime,” states Ryan Barnett, CEO, and Founder of Vetted Holdings LLC.

In addition to the new partnership tools, improvements in the 6.2 update allow users to experience a new user-friendly interface. There are also new geofencing search capabilities on the map, improved link analysis which generates a lead sheet including photos and incident timelines, and enhanced watch lists.

For over 20 years, FINDER has been an information-sharing platform connecting agencies and their different RMS or CAD so that law enforcement can perform follow-up investigations across jurisdictions. With the release of 6.2, FINDER is now arguably the most robust investigative lead generation tool for public safety due to the additions of public records searching (100’s of Billions of records), Clearview AI’s facial recognition (10+ Billion records), ELVIS (100’s of Millions of DL, MVR, and criminal records) and NIBIN hit mapping.


Vetted Security Solutions is a privately held security integration provider of enterprise system technology solutions. Vetted offers an advanced suite of automated license plate recognition (ALPR), facial recognition, analytics, proprietary data sets, CCTV, access control, and mobile surveillance solutions to help improve the safety of officers and our communities. As a premier security systems integrator, we partner with numerous industry-leading manufacturers to design, install, and maintain complex security solutions for our customers. For more information, please visit


FINDER Software Solutions is part of the Vetted Holdings portfolio, which is focused on delivering innovative technology solutions to law enforcement to increase officer and community safety. Developed in partnership with the University of Central Florida and our singular focus on law enforcement data and information sharing, has led to our years of success designing and implementing the FINDER® and FINDERpawn systems. For more information, please visit


Clearview provides law enforcement agencies with investigative tools through the use of its revolutionary facial recognition search engine. Its platform of 3+ billion facial images, the largest known database of its kind, is sourced from public-only web sources, including news media, mugshot websites, public social media, and many other open sources. Law enforcement agencies that use Clearview AI receive high-quality leads with fewer resources expended. These leads, when supported by other evidence, help law officials accurately and rapidly identify suspects, protect victims, and keep communities safe. TIME Magazine recently named Clearview AI one of the world’s “100 Most Influential Companies.” For more information, please visit