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Peregrine joins the AWS Public Sector Partner Program

Peregrine enhances near real-time data access and collaboration for public safety organizations, driving efficiency and risk mitigation

SAN FRANCISCO — Peregrine, a software platform that powers operations and near real-time decision-making for the U.S. public safety community, joined the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Public Sector Partner (PSP) Program.

The PSP Program helps AWS Partners grow their public sector business through alignment with AWS public sector sales, marketing, funding, capture, and proposal terms. As an AWS Partner, Peregrine will continue its mission to empower public safety personnel to make their best decisions and to mitigate risk.

Modern public safety organizations must leverage a vast amount of data for their operations and decisions. This data is often locked in silos, inaccessible to the people who need it. Data governance, multi-agency collaboration, and highly variable operational requirements further hinder public safety agencies from making the transformation to data-driven decision making.

Agencies need new ways of integrating data-driven strategies into their operations. Peregrine enables public safety leaders to holistically harness the power of their data, with tactical precision and in near real-time.

“We build technology to help people make their best decisions in the moments that matter most.” said Nick Noone, co-founder and CEO of Peregrine. “Our software is deployed as the foundational data layer for public safety operations, and to facilitate organization-wide decision-making. Our engineers are inspired by public safety’s drive for enhanced efficiency and effectiveness, and see a world where people are empowered to act more quickly, accurately, and safely through transformative use of their data.”

As part of joining the AWS PSP Program, Peregrine completed the AWS Foundational Technical Review (FTR), which includes requirements related to the security, governance, and compliance of Peregrine’s AWS accounts.

As a PSP Program member, Peregrine is recognized as an AWS Partner with cloud-based solutions who have experience supporting government, space, education, and non-profits around the world.

For more information, please visit the PSP program landing page.

About Peregrine

Peregrine empowers Public Safety personnel at every level to make better strategic, operational, and tactical decisions in near real-time through transformative use of their data.

The company builds technology to prevent crime while protecting lives, property, privacy, and personal freedoms across U.S. communities. Peregrine deploys back-end infrastructure to integrate and secure an entire organization’s data, and front-end user interfaces for people to rapidly interact with all their data in one place.

Peregrine is operationally proven with some of the largest and most complex public safety agencies in America and is uniquely positioned to deploy advanced capability for small and mid-sized public safety agencies for secure interoperability across the country. Typically, the problems that Peregrine solves are extremely labor-intensive for government agencies because most of their data is fragmented across many systems and tools.

Public safety agencies use Peregrine for decision-making across Field Services, Investigations, Real-Time Operations, Intelligence, and Analysis divisions. As governments advance their regional and cross-departmental approaches, Peregrine further empowers them to build secure, next-generation collaboration networks to deliver the best possible service for communities.

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