Torch Hill Investment Partners Invests Additional Capital and Assumes Majority Share of Diamondback Tactical, LLLP

Diamondback Tactical focuses on growth and advance product development

Diamondback Tactical announced today that Torch Hill Investment Partners LLC has invested additional capital into the company and has gained a majority stake in D-Back Acquisition Co, the parent company of Diamondback Tactical.  Torch Hill Investment Partners, a specialized private equity firm, is providing several million dollars of additional growth equity to supplement working capital and to aggressively grow the business.  Faced with robust demand, Diamondback Tactical now will be well positioned to take advantage of expanding opportunities both internationally and domestically. Diamondback Tactical is a leader of technologically advanced armor protection systems, tactical gear and personal products for law enforcement, federal and military markets.

Previously, Diamondback Tactical announced the purchase of First Choice Armor & Equipment Inc, which was an acquisition funded by Torch Hill Investment Partners LLC and Rosemont Solebury Capital Management L.P. That acquisition helped to expand the product portfolio of Diamondback Tactical and position it for growth.  Upon an evaluation of the company’s business strategy, Torch Hill Investment Partners increased its share in D-Back Acquisition Co.  

“We are committed to supporting Diamondback Tactical because it has proven itself as a market leader within this growing industry,” said William R. Sullivan, Board Director and Partner with Torch Hill Investment Partners. “With an expanded product offering and focus on new product development, Diamondback is positioned for accelerated growth.”

Diamondback Tactical has established a strong portfolio of NIJ Standard-0101.06 armor products, and is continuing to add soft and hard armor models to its certified line of products. Diamondback Tactical also maintains a current focus on advanced armor systems, which will provide tactical and military officers options for achieving an ideal balance between mobility and protection.

About Torch Hill Investment Partners, LLC.
Torch Hill Investment Partners, LLC, provides growth capital to domestic and international companies that play vital roles in defense, intelligence, and civil and corporate security.

About Diamondback Tactical, LLLP
Diamondback Tactical, LLLP is a world leader of technologically advanced armor protection systems, tactical gear and personal products for law enforcement, federal and military worldwide. It is an ISO 9001:2008 and ANAB accredited certified company that has pioneered the development of innovative advancements in armor, including new NIJ Standard-0101.06 certified armor designs. For additional information visit

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