Kustom Signals Releases Wireless Speed Sense Module

Lenexa, KS - Kustom  Signals, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of our new Wireless Speed Sense module for use with Kustom Signals moving RADAR.  This module features the same technology used in the patented wireless vehicle speed sense featured in Kustom Signals’ Eagle 3 traffic safety RADAR, bringing the same wireless benefits to the Raptor  RP-1, Eagle II family as well as the moving Falcon HR and Talon when  operated with their POD mount.  The wireless speed sense module provides several popular benefits including an independent verification of the Doppler patrol speed which eliminates common RADAR anomalies like shadowing, batching, and combining.  It enables the RADAR to quickly display patrol and  target speeds when  coming out of HOLD, and it enables the popular feature for automatic mode switching from stationary to moving operations and vice versa.

Kustom  Signals has been delivering our patented TruTrak™ Vehicle Speed Sense with our RADAR for more than  20 years.  The Eagle 3 RADAR with the patented Wireless Speed Sensing (WSS) was the first RADAR to deliver the benefits of the wired vehicle integration with none  of the headaches of locating and connecting into the electronic speedometer signal.  The new Wireless Speed Sense module delivers the same benefits to our Raptor  RP-1, Eagle II, Falcon HR, and Talon series now as well.

Kent Hayes, Senior Product Manager, “A growing number of police vehicles do not offer a VSS signal to integrate with traffic RADAR.  The patrol vehicle OEMs advise against using the patrol vehicle’s OBD II port cable to obtain the VSS signal as it can  cause equipment malfunctions.  The Wireless Speed Sense Module solves both  of these issues, eliminating installation headaches no matter the year, make  or model of the patrol vehicle.”  Now you have  a better choice with Kustom Signals RADAR.

About Kustom Signals, Inc., Your Trusted Partner

Established in 1965, Kustom  Signals, Inc., an MPD Inc. company, designs and  manufactures a complete line of speed enforcement, speed awareness, in-car, and  body-worn video systems for law enforcement agencies.  For more information, visit



About MPD, Inc.

MPD, Inc. was established in 1987 and  is headquartered in Owensboro, KY. MPD's customers include U.S. and foreign military services and their contractors, avionics manufacturers, law enforcement organizations, industrial companies and  commercial concerns. For more information, visit

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