Setcom’s Liberator Wireless System Adds Sidetone

Sidetone feature brings clarity to motor officers as they ride in challenging conditions.

Austin, Texas - Setcom Corporation (, the industry leader in communication systems and accessories for police motorcycle officers, has just released the latest version of its Liberator Wireless Portable-Only system with a new sidetone feature. Sidetone provides greater safety for motor officers by allowing them to hear themselves clearly when transmitting over their radio.

“Setcom’s goal is to further the safety of motor officers by continually developing equipment that makes communicating as flawless as possible,” James Roberts, Setcom president said. “With this advance in our Liberator system, we have reached a new level of providing safe communications.”

Sidetone is the technique of sending a small amount of the voice signal from the microphone to the speakers of the headset. This allows the user to hear himself speak, thus creating a more natural audio feedback process for the brain in high noise situations. Setcom has made it possible for motor officers to communicate more effectively in the presence of high engine, wind, and traffic noise.

“The difference between having sidetone and not, is incredible,” said Deputy Michael Baxter of Williamson County Sheriff’s Department, Georgetown, TX. “The biggest advantage is being able to hear yourself clearly and not have to yell through the radio, you know you are being heard at a normal level. Communicating while riding a motorcycle can be difficult. When you ride at high speeds, the wind noise is a huge factor. Setcom has bridged that gap with sidetone.”

The Portable-Only Liberator Wireless was first introduced in 2005 and has since quickly become a leading product in police motorcycle communications. Following the upgraded release of the waterproof system in 2008, the release of the Liberator Wireless with sidetone is the latest in the system’s innovative developments.

About Setcom Corporation
Setcom ( is a privately held company which designs, manufactures and sells communications systems and accessories for two-way radios. Setcom’s communication accessories markets include law enforcement motorcycles, fire apparatus, and the US military vehicles as well as certain industrial and commercial segments.


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