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An action that may be perceived as “mean,” yet doesn’t violate a clearly established constitutional right, will not lead to liability for an officer
Nine steps to develop a well-rounded and holistic protest policing response
Police responses to public protests and unrest have varied over time
The Philadelphia Police Department cruiser was flipped over and then set on fire during a protest over the death of George Floyd
“We have encountered things like this before but never to this level of dangerousness,” Chief Jeffrey Maddrey said
Manuel Paez Terán spoke with officers, refused to leave and then fired multiple shots from inside his tent, police said
The family of Manuel Paez Terán filed a lawsuit to force Atlanta police to release more evidence in the Atlanta training center site shooting
The NYPD had braced for “robust protests” in the city on Friday as the bodycam video of Nichols’ arrest was released
The retraining and change in tactics are “a direct reflection of lessons learned in 2020,” said Chief Michel Moore
This was the first civil trial from the Portland 2020 protests to reach a jury, with more than 50 similar lawsuits pending against the city
A protest medic filed a $450K lawsuit against the city for a broken arm obtained during a protest
During any period of widespread protests, it is important to prep both your equipment and your family in case you are deployed to assist with crowd control
The GAL Versatile Protective Suit can reduce trauma by up to 95%, the company says
Police said thousands of beachgoers refused to disperse as “countless fights broke out”
This report is a hard read, but necessary for police leaders around the country
The rioters broke windows, threw objects at police and talked about burning down the Justice Center
Panelists shared lessons learned, leading practices and cutting-edge approaches that can assist agencies in dealing with unplanned critical incidents
Sheriff Leon Lott said a special team “used a show of force” to ultimately end the riot
The bill boosts support and legal protection for law enforcement officers
Marchers lit fireworks, set a dumpster fire and broke windows at multiple businesses
A report on the LAPD’s response to mass demonstrations in summer 2020 reveals how acts of violence against police and citizens, extensive property damage and looting caught police off guard
The governor said the bill will also target calls to “defund the police,” which he said was an “insane theory”
In a statement, police said the damage from the late-night violence “appears to be significant”
When signed into law, penalties would be enhanced for crimes committed during a riot or violent protest
For the second night in a row, police declared a riot in wake of protests over the police shooting of Daunte Wright
Police said the crowd broke windows, threw projectiles and tried to enter a police office building
Two officers suffered broken bones and another suffered a punctured lung, officials said
A judge ordered all Rapid Response Team grenadiers and supervisors to receive 9 hours of new training
Every single aspect of the response to these events was negatively impacted by a lack of crowd control training for officers and supervisors