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Roll Call

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Concepts to review and questions to answer during roll call and police training
Combat breathing can positively impact the time we spend with others, our ability to focus and the quality of our sleep
Police, fire and EMS personnel need to prepare for being asked to leave a restaurant, coffee shop or grocery store
Officials have been watching the spread of COVID-19 through the NYPD and aim to curb the same in Los Angeles
Consider a roundtable discussion of these two cases during roll call training
Many crimes today – from identity theft to the sale of illegal drugs – can involve the use of the U.S. mail
Roll call has been an important part of policing for decades. But when is the last time your department modernized the process?
Officer Morgan performed for his fellow officers before they went out on patrol
Officer Jesse Hartnett’s fight for survival serves as a reminder of why you need to prepare for a sudden attack
The use of spike strips can be an effective way to stop a subject, but there are key safety steps officers must follow