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Speed Enforcement

This new approach to traffic monitoring and enforcement is more effective in slowing traffic over a longer distance
Using camera technology to monitor drivers’ speeds can help reduce accidents
Prince George’s County, the second largest county in Maryland, is receiving 66 speed enforcement systems from JENOPTIK Smart Mobility Solutions, LLC. Each system consists of a mobile trailer with solar panels and lithium batteries making them completely self-sufficient
The grant includes funds for an additional police officer and civilian help to analyze data from the cameras, West Hartford Police Chief Vernon Riddick said
After a driver explained upsetting circumstances, he asked for a hug; the deputy was happy to give him one and offered some encouragement
Traffic fatalities in camera-enforced decreased by 25% during non-school hours
The chief deputy, who was in the car with another sheriff’s office employee in uniform, was cited for going 96 in a 35 mph zone
Some states have reported alarming speed increases, including a surge in vehicles clocked at 100 mph or more
The new technology could replace hand-held speed cameras police have been using
The commission found that chief violated no moral character standards