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Spike Strip

Manually deployed spike strips can be dangerous. But a new type of device reduces the risks officers face.
The officer was positioned at the end of a freeway on-ramp as a suspect vehicle and several cruisers approached at high speed; the suspect swerved onto the freeway before reaching the end of the ramp and a cruiser hit the officer
Deputy Christopher Oletski sustained brain damage and multiple broken bones while attempting to stop a fleeing human smuggler suspect
The driver was taken into custody after stealing the truck at a gas station and driving the rig with no front tires
The suspect was traveling at more than 115 mph when he swerved to hit Chief Deputy Ken Prorok; the suspect has been charged with first-degree murder
Officer Matthew Brazeal was dragged more than 100 feet as a result of the 2020 collision; he underwent 60 surgeries and extensive rehab
Police Chief Brian Chaney stated the department “has decided to temporarily focus our priorities on suspects who we believe to be involved in dangerous and violent felony offenses”
The car tumbled over top of the deputy and slammed into a telephone pole, which narrowly missed striking the deputy
“Just this week alone, I’ve had a patrol car damaged, I’ve had two officers, deputies, that were trying to be run over by smuggler drivers. This is every day down here,” Sheriff Mark Dannels said
The rear tires of the stolen cruiser were deflated by spike strips; dash cam video shows officers performing a pit maneuver to stop the stolen cruiser
Deputies used several PIT maneuvers, a drone, and tear gas to apprehend a suspected DUI driver
The incident began with a report of a man holding a woman hostage
A suburban Salt Lake City officer was deploying tire spikes when he was struck and killed by a stolen vehicle