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A combination of factors enabled talking down an agitated subject in possession of two knives
One of the most difficult and emotional calls law enforcement handles today is responding to armed suicidal subject calls
The shooting occurred after police were called to a domestic disturbance and the suspect pointed a gun at his mother and a sergeant
Investigators said the victim “didn’t have the apparent intent to harm” officers with the weapon
The officers, who spent close to 90 minutes talking to the man, had just gone through training for this type of situation
“I can tell by what he was saying … by him not jumping and continuing to talk to me … that he wanted to live,” the officer said
Deputy Rick Bohlmann was working his normal shift when a motorist warned him about a car that was stalled on the side of the road with blood all around it
Officer Lisa McGhaw said she saw the woman “and immediately just jumped in and offered assistance”
An off-duty officer was able to talk a man out of suicide
Three Pinellas County deputies are being credited with a rescue of a young suicidal man who was on a railing