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Tactical Training

Do you have a leader within your department that’s capable of turning your team into an elite unit? Try looking in the mirror
The team ranked 12th out of 55 teams in the Hostage Rescue event, 10th out of 55 teams in the Assault Event and 6th out of 55 teams in the Officer Rescue event
Deputy Sarah Merriman, a Special Response Team operator with the Richland County Sheriff’s Department, is seen during tactical training
A legal and practical perspective
Arapahoe County team trains over 200 hours a year to make critical decisions that save lives
Established in the early 1990s, the Dubai Police SWAT team hosts the UAE SWAT Challenge, a highly regarded event in the international law enforcement community
One agency is using virtual reality to tackle both
Taylor Brandt credits her tactical emergency medical training from the department for being able to give nine people another chance at life
These environments are complex and create many unique challenges for police snipers
A cop who helped deliver a baby girl on the side of the road last year and later took a series of tea party photos with the toddler died Thursday
Present information the way the brain learns for better retention and performance
Very few officers will have the opportunity to improve their tactical skills once they have graduated from the police academy
Whether the call out is for a barricaded gunman, a robbery in progress, a high-risk arrest, or a search warrant, a perimeter is essential