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In this list, we explore five of the most popular vintage options
My customers continue to surprise me in unique and odd ways every day
The Lancer L30 LTR, Long-range Tactical Rifle, is an AR-10 pattern rifle that’s made for long range precision type shooting
The Hex line comes in 2011 double stack and single stack 1911 models
The video was taken in Argentina to the best of my knowledge
Singapore police are getting new gadgets to deal with violent protestors and rioters
Detective Inspector Gary McIntyre from Cheshire Police said if the victim’s phone had not been in his pocket “he would undoubtedly have died.”
Beau, a reader of TFB from way back when I first started the blog, took this photo recently of the first hot meal he had eaten in two days
A semi-pro competitor by name of Rick Birdsall recently shot this 3-Gun stage where he slid underneath the stage wall and completed the course of fire
According to the company, the new holster will allow for concealed appendix carry with greater comfort and versatility