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They can help investigators develop clearer pictures of what drives suspects
“We stand by a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to threats made against our community,” the Stark County sheriff said. “Every threat is investigated thoroughly”
“It’s a testament to the great work our law enforcement partners have done in thwarting what was obviously, to me and to us, a direct threat to the students of University Prep,” Chief Larry Scirotto said
Rui Jiang was armed with a loaded gun when he was arrested just minutes after churchgoers entered the building, according to police
Threats against Congress members have increased about 300% over the past seven years, Chief Manger told lawmakers at a hearing this year
“You’re a good cop,” but “I will kill every state trooper that comes here,” the suspect said to a trooper
Officers were shot or threatened with a gun four times in August and eight times in 2023 so far — that’s more than the previous two years combined
The suspect posted online that he was planning to dig out a camouflage suit and “clean the dust off the m24 sniper rifle,” according to court documents
The suspect asked LVMPD if they’d seen his Facebook postings; one of those messages referred to the 2017 Las Vegas slaughter as “just a preview.”