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Vehicle Safety

Addressing a leading cause of line-of-duty deaths
CARFAX for Police’s 29 billion vehicle records power a suite of investigative tools that support rapid case resolution
A reporter being hit by a vehicle during a live news report highlighted the danger of working near roadway incidents – a danger that proved fatal for two LEOs this past week
San Joaquin County Sheriff Patrick Withrow said that instead of impounding the vehicles, they are being held as evidence
The agency will use the L3Harris PatrolSim simulator for routine training for new and existing officers and remedial training for officers who get into accidents
The technology detects, analyzes and securely stores vehicle identification data
The new Tesla Model Y accompanies the department’s first K-9
Setina’s push bumper police bike rack streamlines bike theft response and improves patrol car safety during transport in Portland, Oregon
The driver, who’s car had become stuck on the tracks, was pulled out of the way just in time
Multiple roadway LODDs in early 2020 are tragic reminders of the importance of time, distance and shielding to reduce hot zone risk
State and local officials will start issuing citations on Jan. 1 in an effort to deter dangerous driving
Event showed appreciation for the firefighters and other emergency personnel who are integral to racing safety
Lenco Armored Vehicles has spent $5 million to expand production of its BearCat vehicles
The Ford Special Service Plug-in Hybrid Sedan will have a 7.6 kWh battery and is capable of driving up to 21 miles on electricity at speeds up to 85 mph
A Los Angeles County sheriff’s patrol vehicle was heading to an emergency call when it crashed with another car and ran onto a sidewalk, killing two boys
Officer Jesse Hartnett was critically wounded by a Glock reported stolen by a veteran colleague three years earlier
System works by sounding an alarm triggered by several sensors around the perimeter of the vehicle