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“I shot this picture after a recent snow event in Washington State. The 2022 F-150 Responder held up great in the snow and ice!”
Helicopter Rescue Tech Ernie Zeller hoisting out of Snohawk 10, a Bell UH-1H Huey, during a search and rescue mission
Cierra McCartney’s tribute to her late husband inspires nationwide movement to show appreciation for police, one cup of coffee at a time
Former Yakima officer Elias Huizar went on the run Monday after killing two people, including his ex-wife, and kidnapping his baby son
The man ran into a crowded room and pointed a gun in the direction of deputies and multiple bystanders before the shooting occurred
“There’s no training scenario I’ve been through to just run into a lake, but I know that if it was my family or my daughter, that’s what I’d be doing. Just going in there — it’s just an instinct,” Tacoma Officer Steve O’Neal said
Mental Health
The program allows deputies to call on mental health providers when they encounter someone who could benefit from treatment services, housing assistance, counseling or other assistance
Retired detectives Dave Johnson, Mike Blankenbaker and Tom Dittmar, along with retired judge David Elofson are taking a closer look at cases on file at the Yakima Police Department that have no active leads or new evidence
Christopher Burbank worked as a Thurston County Sheriff’s Office deputy for two days before he resigned due to the “negative community response and death threats”
The man climbed to the roof of a restaurant and threw bricks at buildings below before removing his shirt and climbing onto the cable
The man operated a ballistic equipment business from 2016 to 2022 called BulletProof-IT, selling helmets, body armor and shields to agencies that included law enforcement agencies, fire departments and the military
The man brandished a large knife at officers before the shooting; he has been charged with first degree attempted murder
Two gang members were said to be “lying in wait” to target police in an attempt to gain street credit for their gangs
Officers believed the suspect to be armed based on witness reports and knew that the suspect had severely beaten the child’s mother
After two failed carjacking attempts, the trio robbed a couple at gun point and fled from Seattle Police Department officers in a vehicle reported stolen
Dash camera footage shows pedestrians scrambling to get out of the way of the suspect’s vehicle
The state law required officers to have reasonable suspicion that a person has committed certain crimes, such as a violent offense, to engage in a pursuit; the new version states that reasonable suspicion can apply to any crime
Christopher Gadd, 27, who received the Top Academic Award during his time in the trooper academy, is survived by his wife and daughter
The city of Bellevue has asserted that it would be unfair to extend medical assistance for Officer Kevin Bereta, who was severely injured while riding a motorcycle on duty
The King County Sheriff’s Office helicopter monitored two suspects who went on a carjacking spree, giving the Kent Police Department probable cause to initiate a pursuit
After officers stopped the vehicle with a PIT maneuver, several cruisers boxed in the vehicle, leading to an arrest
Law enforcement officials argue that deception is not coercion and taking away this tactic decreases their effectiveness in convicting people and solving cases
When Thurston County Sheriff’s Office deputies began to perform a PIT maneuver, the suspect used his vehicle to ram the cruiser, injuring the two deputies insde
The driver, whose blood alcohol level was more than twice the legal limit, injured a deputy and caused $35,000 in damage to the cruiser
The man, who had eight prior felony convictions, was convicted in November of second-degree murder, first-degree assault, second-degree assault, harming a police dog and second-degree unlawful possession of a firearm
“The Project Guardian program allows the families of persons with special needs to register their loved ones and provide detailed information and photos to assist the police before contact is initiated,” SRO Alex Zesati said
According to the 2021 complaint and trial testimony, the officers were targets of routine racial slurs that were part of a hostile work environment
“We are thankful that our deputies were not seriously injured but are concerned with the recent violence directed towards our deputies,” the department stated
“We have to show some discretion, but we should not say, ‘We should never pursue,’” Lakewood Police Chief Patrick Smith said