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Cierra McCartney’s tribute to her late husband inspires nationwide movement to show appreciation for police, one cup of coffee at a time
This light observation helicopter will be outfitted with an array of special equipment
Check out this night shot of a patrol vehicle in The Evergreen State
“We have to show some discretion, but we should not say, ‘We should never pursue,’” Lakewood Police Chief Patrick Smith said
Officers will not be allowed to broadcast ruses over radio or social media, and will not be able to use them by “shocking the conscience”
“I need to make sure that I have someone whose primary job is to take a look at use-of-force incidents and examine them thoroughly,” Sheriff John Nowels said
Features include an indoor gun range, a 50-foot helicopter tower and a large simulation room
Trooper Dean Atkinson, 29, was critically wounded when Brandon O’Neel, 38, shot five times through his cruiser window
The Community Assisted Response and Engagement (CARE) department will send civilian responders to calls that do not warrant a police or fire response
“To make it worse, I think there’s a bee hive right here somewhere,” one of the officers says as he reaches to cut one of the ropes
“There’s hornets everywhere,” an officer can be heard saying on the video with the wasps visibly crawling on his uniform and skin