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Bomb Detection

The advanced tech lets K-9s detect even more substances than their noses can
Developing an awareness of bomb-making materials can help law enforcement officers spot trouble and call in the experts
A firearm pointed at a container can pose a threat to an entire group of people, depending on the contents of the container
Officers noted concerns as the grenade contained a small plug in the “hollowed out section of the grenade”
The administration justified the cut by saying state and local law enforcement should be responsible for monitoring and responding to threats
‘Spot’ served as a remote observation device to provide images of potentially dangerous suspects or devices
A man who left a homemade bomb outside a police station was sentenced to 27 years in prison
Police dismissed the threats, saying they were meant to cause disruption and compel recipients into sending money
Authorities say more pipe-bomb packages could be somewhere in the U.S. mail system
The grant allows the state’s 12 local FBI-accredited bomb squads to sustain and enhance their capabilities to detect, interdict, and respond to improvised explosive device
Even on a good day, members of the bomb team would likely get four or five hours of sleep
Troopers were notified about a suspicious package that was found beneath a Christmas tree in the pedestrian waiting area
Police said the package addressed to U.S. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin had been gift-wrapped and was marked as being from “the American people”
The homeless man left a fake, gift-wrapped “bomb” at one bank so police would be investigating that while he robbed another location
The shells turned out to be part of a Gettysburg collection that was donated to the town years ago
Safariland experts explain how the Robotex Avatar can deploy its Tri-Chamber distraction devices.
A tactical robot is a long-term investment. Make sure you make an informed choice.