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Classroom Training

Tackle the difficult challenge of encouraging participation in training programs by asking this simple question and waiting for a response
Don’t worry, it is still possible to connect with and learn from other law enforcement leaders
Advance your career and better serve your community by leveraging the right training and certification programs
Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia emphasized the need for the new facility, saying officers “spent $4,000 on lumber and supplies to build our own makeshift reality-based training scenario room”
It’s important to remember your audience when talking to school staff about safety
“The new academy will support the highest level of instruction for cadets, troopers, and our law enforcement partners,” State Police Commissioner Col. Christopher Paris said
The $230M legislation provides funding for armed SROs at all public schools, increases physical safeguards and enhances mental health services for students
“This SRO will not wait at all — no hesitation, no asking for permission to go in — to address an active shooter or any intruder on a school campus,” Sheriff Marcos López said
A school resource officer confronted a man who tried to break into a parked squad car near the school, officials said
An official worries elementary schools are becoming targets because they tend to have less security than high schools
Officials intend to push forward with the project, saying that any trespassers will be arrested
School Resource Officer Jeff Shirley knew he could make a difference
Next week, schools and communities are encouraged to celebrate the contributions of their SROs
Early and transparent communication among all who are likely to be involved in a school shooting incident is a primary factor in keeping schools safe
Why aren’t we as a society focusing more on efficient training for those involved in the incident prior to the arrival of responders?
While responding to school threats like active shooters is a part of an SRO’s responsibilities, it barely scratches the surface of how SROs serve our schools
T.E.A.M. is a proactive effort to make schools and communities safer, promote responsible citizenship and encourage positive character traits
Make your training go further by offering on-demand video sessions available anytime, anywhere.