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Read about pair of unconventional rookies, a gut-wrenching loss and more from this week’s news
Law Enforcement now has a secure, easy and affordable way to obscure faces in videos and images
The trooper was sitting in the driver’s seat when a vehicle driven by a 16-year-old boy drifted off the road and hit the police cruiser that was parked on the right shoulder
Officials claim the drop in violent crime is the result of a multi-agency partnership that pushed cases through court quickly following COVID-19 closures
Summer crime data shows Chief James White’s program, including paying double-time to keep more officers downtown, has paid off
“Three of the four were basically destroyed by the fire. He shot at all of them and it’s a good chance all of them were hit,” Lt. Giannunzio said
The Blazer EV PPV will make its debut in early 2024; what are your first impressions of the vehicle?
The funding will allow the department to be fully staffed early next year for the first time in many years, the mayor said
The legislation allows the academies to recover training expenses from new recruits who leave before completing four years of service in the city
Law enforcement efforts will focus on the most dangerous offenders, crime data and high-crime neighborhoods
Sheldon Thomas lied during his purchase of a pistol that was used in the killing of Officer Loren Courts
The woman, who was having a mental health crisis, dropped the weapon on the freeway as officers approached her
A plea deal dismisses charges for the death of one other person and sends JuJuan Parks to prison for the deaths of Officer Rasheen McClain and Nathaniel Loyd
An infant was found unharmed inside the home and was turned over to a family member
Based on evidence at the scene, police believe the suspect may have lured officers to the home in order to ambush them
The retirement system is a shareholder in WWE with some 350 shares, initially worth $100K
An aviation unit filmed the car speeding through Metro Detroit
The changes include centralizing the Crisis Intervention Team and equipping CIT officers with less lethal weapons such as Bolawraps
Eyewitnesses to the shooting indicated the police did all that they could to de-escalate the situation before the man charged at the officers
With the raise, the starting salary for Detroit officers jumps from $43,000 to $53,000 annually
“It’s something about his spirit that grabbed onto me. I was like, I gotta help this brother out. He’s one of our own.”
With “11 people dying by gunfire in the past 7 days,” a rapid response systems needs to be in place said Detroit Police Chief James White
Porter Burks, who was fatally shot after charging at officers with a knife, had a long history of mental illness
The deal would bump starting officers’ annual salaries from $43K to $53K
The trooper was shot in the face and chest when he and members of his narcotics unit were conducting undercover surveillance
The trooper was shot as he and other members of a narcotics unit were conducting surveillance in Detroit
The suspect, who started assaulting the officers, was eventually apprehended