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Digital Evidence Management

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AI functionalities include AI Video Redaction, Automated Transcription of Voice-Captured Video, AI-Assisted Contextual Content Search, and AI Video Content Review
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When it comes to admissibility, your training, experience and documentation may be on trial
Scholarship recipients receive a year’s training with some of the leading experts in digital forensics
Purdue University researchers have simplified FileTSAR+ functionality and packaging to improve setup, use and maintenance
The company aims to provide an easier, more streamlined user experience
All criminals will eventually leave a digital footprint that police can use to find, track, or obtain evidence
The products span a variety of categories including digital evidence management, license plate capture and evidence-collection
Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services features multiple AI and machine learning processes to assist investigators and forensic examiners
Chief Harold Medina said the Digital Intelligence Team has been instrumental in helping detectives solve cases
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Recipient of a Magnet Forensics Scholarship Award, the former journalist will be training under digital forensics experts
By migrating from on-premises systems to cloud-based systems, public safety teams gain greater flexibility to manage increases in digital evidence