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“Crimes” in the virtual world are already happening; cops and legal systems have to catch up
Strong branding establishes a law enforcement agency as a credible and trustworthy source of information
Jim and Doug discuss the prevalence of these types of incidents, as well as some ideas about how to deal with them from a criminal prosecution perspective
The lawsuit claims that Facebook’s algorithms played a part in radicalizing the suspects
The photo, shared by the Mobile County Sheriff’s Department, showed a Christmas tree decorated with mugshots
In a Facebook Live, the man shot his girlfriend and talked about shooting the deputies who had responded to the scene, officials said
In June, Steven Carrillo, who has ties to the boogaloo movement, killed a federal security officer outside a courthouse, and later fatally ambushed a sheriff’s deputy
The deputy wrote the comment on a Facebook post about the death of a 15-year-old who killed himself last week
The city of West Linn was initially ordered in July to pay at least $100,000 in back pay to a former officer
All the world’s a stage in the digital age
We must reckon intellectually with the gap between police and the people they serve, but downplaying the emotional toll on LEOs is a great disservice to us all
Gunman apparently went on Facebook to measure the shockwaves his attack on a gay nightclub was generating
Batman joins a Fort Worth officer on patrol – and he’s kind of a jerk
2015 in Review
The man posted threats to Facebook calling the retail giant ‘anti-American’
A black man with a concealed weapon posted about being pulled over by an officer
An investigation was launched after a citizen sent police a screenshot of the Facebook post in July
A photo going viral sends the message of '#respect’
The NAACP and other leaders are looking into a post by a veteran police chief on his personal Facebook
An officer’s testimony about the perils of policing has gained momentum online
Another department has employed the viral social media post that asks drug dealers to out their competition
Facebook comment incited violence against police
Authorities have found a new way to possibly make arrests via social media
A suspect’s ego got the best of him when he tried to correct Facebook commenters on his arrest
Principal expressed support for officer in Texas pool party incident that went viral
Mourned deer killed in the crash instead of trooper and said trooper’s death was “not tragic”
Posts referenced the slayings of Officers Benjamin Deen and Liquori Tate, who were killed Saturday night during a traffic stop
Made a post on Facebook inviting friends to join him at batting practice in Boise
For most agencies, the daily grind starts with roll call - but it doesn’t have to be a burden. Here are 8 ways to spruce up your roll call