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Video: Large crowd swarms, kicks and vandalizes Md. police cruiser

As the officer circled the crowd in his cruiser to disperse a car meetup, people began kicking and vandalizing the vehicle

By Sarah Calams

PRINCE GEORGE’S COUNTY, Md. — Several people vandalized a Prince George’s County Police Department cruiser during a car meetup Saturday night. Detectives are now working to identify those suspects.

The meetup, which was reported to include at least 100 cars as well as a large crowd, was broken up by an officer who arrived on scene to disperse the crowd, reported As the officer circled the crowd in his cruiser, people began kicking and vandalizing the vehicle.

The officer was uninjured, but the cruiser was significantly damaged, according to the report.

Additional officers responded to the scene and dispersed the crowd. No arrests have been made yet, but detectives are working to identify the individuals responsible for vandalizing the cruiser.

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