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New video shows 2020 shootout between Chicago cops, cuffed suspect

Footage shows gunman shoot an LEO as he opens the squad car outside the station

By Police1 Staff

CHICAGO — Newly released video of a July 2020 incident shows police exchanging gunfire with a man who had been cuffed and searched.

According to NBC 5, Lovelle Jordan was arrested after entering a parked vehicle that had been reported stolen. Officers cuffed and searched Jordan, but a handgun on his person was missed.

Jordan was able to move the cuffs to his front and arm himself as he was sitting in the back of a squad car. Video shows Jordan shoot Officer Jason Cloherty as he opens the squad car door.

A gun battle ensued outside the police station, with officers exchanging gunfire with Jordan even as they began treating Cloherty, who had moved to cover on the opposite side of the squad car.

Five officers were treated after the incident, two of them with gunshot wounds. Jordan was struck by gunfire and survived. He was sentenced to 31 years in prison on April 11, but died in custody on April 19, according to the report.