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Video: Ore. police fatally shoot suspect in killing of student

Dash cam has been released of the fatal November 15 shooting of an armed man wanted in the stabbing death of a university student


Surveillance image of Joventino Bermudez-Arenas.

Yamhill County District Attorney Image

By Police1 Staff

McMINNVILLE, Ore. — Officials have released dash cam video capturing the fatal November 15 shooting of a man wanted in the stabbing death of a university student.

The Oregonian reports 20-year-old Linfield College student Parker Moore and a fellow student drove to a 7-Eleven store near the campus to purchase beer.

While Moore was at the cash register, 33-year-old Joventino Bermudez-Arenas stabbed him twice in the chest with a six-inch blade, then left the store.

Minutes after the stabbing, Officers Brian McMullen and Justin James arrived as another customer and Moore’s friend attempted to stop the bleeding. A third officer, Sgt. Rhonda Sandoval, arrived shortly after.

As the officers investigated the scene, Bermudez-Arenas returned, and one officer spotted him.

All three officers then drew their weapons on Bermudez-Arenas, who was still armed with the knife, and commanded him to drop the weapon.

Bermudez-Arenas, who police say appeared agitated, took a step forward after ignoring repeated commands, and all three police officers opened fire.

Bermudez-Arenas was transported to a local hospital and was pronounced dead. Police fired 15 shots during the incident.

Moore died from his stab wounds after being flown to a hospital, according to the report.

Bermudez-Arenas motive in the stabbing is unknown. Neither Moore nor his friend knew the man prior to the killing.

Bermudez-Arenas’ family members had previously told the Oregonian that a language barrier may have played a role in the suspect’s failure to comply with commands.

“The officers did exactly what they are trained to do. They are trained to give the commands and try to eliminate the threat, and they did that,” Yamhill County District Attorney Brad Berry said during a news conference. “They certainly do not have time to determine who they are looking at and what their first language choice would be.”

All three officers were cleared in the fatal shooting on Monday.