Dashcam video: Good Samaritans help trooper wrestling with suspect

The pair were grappling on the ground when several drivers pulled over

By Suzie Ziegler 

TAMPA, Fla. — Multiple good Samaritans are being hailed heroes after they helped a trooper under attack on Friday. 

Dashcam video from the Florida Highway Patrol shows Trooper Jonathan Ruiz pull over 24-year-old Alexander Hernandez-Delgado, reported KIRO 7. When Ruiz asks for identification, Hernandez-Delgado punches the trooper’s face and tries to run. Video shows the pair grappling on the ground. After a few moments, several passing drivers pull over, including a semi-truck. The semi’s driver runs out to assist the trooper. 

With the help of the other drivers, Ruiz manages to take Hernandez-Delgado into custody. 

Ruiz wasn’t injured aside from a bloody nose, according to the report. Hernandez-Delgado was charged with battery on an officer and resisting law enforcement.

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