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Physical Training

These action items can help officers incorporate mental fitness strategies into their daily routines
Constructive strategies are needed, including industry standards for physical and mental health and supervisor training to detect and respond to signs of distress
In 2022, the agency received the NLEOMF’s Destination Zero Officer Wellness Award – learn about the key elements of their program
AUFIRE’s approach uses 66 volts of electrical muscle stimulation conducted through sleeves to contract arm muscles and simulate the incapacitation effects of gunshot wounds to limbs
Austin Ross, 26, is expected to be named an honorary deputy by the Flagler County Sheriff after his heart stopped at a hospital
“The new academy will support the highest level of instruction for cadets, troopers, and our law enforcement partners,” State Police Commissioner Col. Christopher Paris said
One recruit died in the 2022 incident, and 24 were injured; the man was initially charged with attempted murder, but was later found to be asleep at the wheel
The academy often loses recruits who come unprepared or get sick or injured; but this year, many have changed their minds about becoming officers
“It’s important for us to be able to show that we’re being innovative, we’re using new recruiting techniques — things that set us aside from other agencies,” Sgt. Todd Grager said
Features include an indoor gun range, a 50-foot helicopter tower and a large simulation room
Deputy Asson Hacker collapsed during basic training due to exertional sickling