Top 5 police dance videos of 2015

By Police1 Staff

This year featured several officers who garnered high praise on social media from their dance routines. We rounded up our five favorite officers who were captured busting a move on camera. Take a look and tell us which dancing cops made your list.

5. Ga. officer shows his 'Hit the Quan' dance moves

The officer let loose while keeping the neighborhood safe during a community event.

4. Calif. cop does ‘Nae Nae’ dance with kids

A Sacramento police officer was filmed leading popular dances with children during a youth outreach program.

3. DC officer has dance-off with teen

The officer said 'show me your hands or dance moves.'

2. Detroit cops break out dance moves at music fest

Officers in attendance used the festival as an opportunity for connecting with the community.

1. Del. cop knows how to 'Shake it Off' in viral clip

A video of a bald and burly Delaware police officer enthusiastically lip-syncing to Taylor Swift's "Shake it Off" got global attention.

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