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New Product Line Release Set to Shake Up the Tactical Flashlight Industry

Bayco Products, Inc. Announces the Release of the Nightstick TAC-400 Series

Dallas, Texas – When you think of a tactical flashlight, it’s most likely the traditional, LED lit, lithium battery type in standard-issue black. But what if you could get more from your flashlight? What if your flashlight could deliver top-of-the-line performance without a top-of-the-line price? Thanks to Nightstick, a leading innovator in law enforcement-level tactical lighting solutions, you can. With the recently released Nightstick TAC-400, this advanced tactical flashlight is set to offer law enforcement, technicians, mechanics and hobbyists, an experience like no other in its class.

One of the first things to notice about the TAC-400 is not only the extreme brightness of its beam, but the beam shape, intensity, and throw distance. With 200 lumens, this flashlight has a beam distance of 688 feet—longer than two football fields. And, users will never have to worry about the wear and tear of on-the-job performance. The TAC-400 has been impact tested with multiple drops of up to two meters and mounted on a shotgun for over 200 rounds of 00 buckshot without any resulting damage. Thanks to its waterproof design, it can also be submersed in water without fear of rusting or internal leakage.

“It also must be pointed out that the TAC-400 utilizes one of the best rechargeable batteries in the industry,” says Marty Robbins, Marketing Director for Bayco Products, Inc. “The Lithium-ion battery has a very slow drain rate with many remaining charged without use for up to a year. It can also be used for a few minutes and then recharged without the battery “thinking” it’s been drained, which limits use. Because it can be charged at any time, it offers significant cost savings over standard alkaline batteries, with the potential for the TAC-400 to pay for itself in as little as two months.”

Additional features include:

    • Four models including: black, yellow, tan polymer and black type 3 hard anodized aluminum (TAC-450B)
    • Deep parabolic reflector increases CREE LED beam range to over 680 feet
    • Rugged glass-filled nylon polymer and aircraft-grade aluminum construction
    • Deep-textured grip and anti-roll design
    • Push-button textured tail-cap switch (with optional Remote Pressure Switch and Side Switch) enables a brief pulse of light or a continuous beam, making it a superior tactical defense light
    • Includes a CR-123 Battery Carrier (batteries not included) serves as backup power for the Lithium-ion rechargeable battery (included)
    • 3 hours’ usage from a single charge
    • Accepts industry standard 1.25-inch 3rd party filters and lenses
    • Rail mounts on 1-inch standard scope or flashlight mount
    • Limited Lifetime Warranty

“There are so many things about the Nightstick TAC-400 that makes it the most desirable in its class,” says Robbins. “It is a tool that reflects 30 years of Bayco’s dedication to dependability, user safety and product excellence. We’ve taken it beyond the standard and created a superior flashlight that’s simply radical. Just one example is its aluminum tailcap. The industry standard is a Type II anodized finish with a moderate thickness of 1.8 μm to 25 μm, but the TAC-400 uses a Type III finish, with a thickness greater than 25 μm making it much more robust than any other flashlight.”

Of course, with cost containment in mind, many will find the most appealing factor of the TAC-400 is its affordable price. So, with a cost of less than half of some other tactical flashlights, the TAC-400 outperforms its competitors by providing users with a level of security, quality and workmanship they’ve come to expect from the entire Nightstick product line.

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NIGHTSTICK™ represents the next generation in flashlight design. Developed by Bayco Products, Inc., the leader in LED task lighting solutions, NIGHTSTICK introduced a one of a kind Flashlight • Floodlight • Dual-light design along with cutting edge LED and battery technology providing high quality, exceptionally reliable illumination in every light. At Bayco the safety of our customers is paramount, that’s why we believe that Life Depends On Light™.

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For nearly 30 years, Bayco’s family of products has been the preferred choice of professionals. In its 110,000 square foot facility, located in the Dallas, TX area, Bayco’s dedicated engineering team continually seeks out innovative new product solutions that provide exceptional day-to-day utility and help maximize user safety. Bayco’s team includes research and development, marketing, sales and distribution professionals who together are responsible for product design, manufacturing, marketing, and sales of all products through its worldwide network of distributors.

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