APCO Announces RF Safety Training Course

Washington, DC - The Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials (APCO) International announced today that it will begin offering Peoplesafe® radio frequency (RF) safety training in cooperation with Sitesafe, an RF compliance engineering firm. Peoplesafe® is the name of Sitesafe's comprehensive online course on living and working safely around RF energy.

Sitesafe has been providing RF safety training since 2001 and has trained thousands of professionals using Peoplesafe®. The newest version of the course, Peoplesafe® 5.0, is available in a convenient e-learning format through the APCO Institute.

"Professionals in the public safety industry may overlook the safety issues surrounding direct and prolonged exposure to radio frequency as they are typically more concerned with the many other safety and health risks they deal with on a daily basis," APCO International President Willis Carter said. "By partnering with Sitesafe on this training initiative, we are not only bringing attention to this important safety issue, but providing public safety professionals with the training they need in the format they want so they can continue to safely protect their communities."

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About APCO International
The Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials (APCO) International is the world's oldest and largest professional organization dedicated to the enhancement of public safety communications. APCO International serves the professional needs of its 15,000 members worldwide by creating a platform for setting professional standards, addressing professional issues and providing education, products and services for people who manage, operate, maintain and supply the communications systems used by police, fire and emergency medical dispatch agencies throughout the world. For more information, visit

About APCO Institute
APCO Institute, a subsidiary of APCO International, is the premier organization addressing educational and certification needs of public safety communications agencies. The Institute offers a selection of affordable training and educational resources for public safety communicators throughout the United States and in the international arena. Instructional offerings range from first-line basic training to supervisory, and communication center management courses, technical testing, agency and agent certification, and Web Seminars addressing current public safety communications issues. APCO Institute offers several training options including certification programs through traditional classroom instruction and APCO Institute Online internet-based training. APCO Virtual College, a cooperative effort between APCO Institute and the Institute for Emergency Preparedness (IEP) offers a degree program in Public Safety Communications. APCO Virtual College is an internet-based distance learning academic program designed for, and directed specifically toward individuals in the public safety communication. For more information, visit

About Sitesafe
Sitesafe, Inc., a Velocitel company, provides industry-recognized RF health, safety, and regulatory compliance solutions to wireless telecommunications companies. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of services designed to assist companies that are required to comply with FCC and OSHA regulations pertaining to human exposure to RF energy. Visit us at and

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